Eccleston Square Hotel-37 Eccleston Square, Pimlico, London, SW1V 1PB

The Eccleston Square Hotel is otherwise called London’s most brilliant lodging. On the off chance that you need to appreciate it in the organization of London extravagance escort, you can contact Confidential Models.


Found exceptionally focal, inside only a seven minutes stroll from Victoria Tube station, it offers simple access to many key focuses in London. You can without much of a stretch get to the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Cathedral and Abbey, Tate Britain and numerous others. It’s near shops, a heap of bars and eatery and significant points of interest.


The Eccleston Square Hotel is an extravagance boutique that offers advancement and solace. The building that has the is customary and recorded. Be that as it may, within offers probably the most present day enhancements. It’s the ideal blend between the old and the new.


In the rooms, you will discover bleeding edge innovation. The en-suite highlight inch HD 3D Neo Plasma Panasonic TVs and an encompass sound framework. The touch touchy keypads control everything, from the music to the lighting. There are advanced mobile phone docks, level screen TVs, fast wi-fi, SKY TV channels, cutting edge shower dividers that turn from clear to iced and the a different way more. Other than this, the rooms have high roofs, huge windows. Promemoria outfitting and Murano glass light fixtures. The tender loving care can be seen all over. The lodging is solely for grown-ups, so it’s the ideal setting to invest some energy in the organization of a London extravagance escort. read more

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